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Add twitter feed to website

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Telephone interview tips

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6 reasons why you need a virtual assistant

1.    Pay for what you use

One of the most fundamental aspects of outsourcing work is that you are only paying for the time that you need, as opposed to paying an hourly rate, tax/NI for inhouse employees. Your business may experience slow or peak periods – in this situation hiring a remote worker would be ideal as you can then decide when you require that extra pair of helping hands, and over what length of time.

2.    Focus on the real business

Administrative task are a time consuming but essential part of running a business, however hours spent on processing invoices or typing reports will prevent you from driving forward vital business operations. Hiring a virtual assistant will ease your workload and allow you to grow and develop the core of your business. 

3.    Leave it to the experts

If you know that you lack expertise in certain tasks why not allow a proficient VA to complete the work?  Due to the various projects that they have been assigned to, for different clientele, they are more likely to offer a wider range of skillsets, which is a distinct advantage over your own permanent staff who may not have had the opportunity to update their technical skills.

4.    No more stress in the office

Wave goodbye to staff conflicts, office politics, unfair dismissal claims, claims against harassment/discrimination, staff browsing online or gossiping around the water cooler … not to mention the dreaded mandatory staff training…Yippee!!

5.    Lack of overheads

A virtual secretary works remotely from their own home/premises and will use their own computer, phone/fax, internet connection printer and consumables. This is a excellent perk for an employer who would normally have to fork out on office premises, furniture, equipment and stationery – as well as heating and lighting costs.

6.    Work from home

The thought of not having to commute into work has always appealed and now the dream can become a reality.  A VA can literally work anyone in the world which means that you can avoid the tricky subject of a relative stranger working in your own home, or having to share open space whilst the business is expanding.


If you think that your business or enterprise could benefit from the services of an independant virtual assistant then please contact us.

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Your own virtual pa

Your own virtual pa

Starting from £39 per month. Request a FREE call back to find out more.

Welcome to Elite business support


Why not take that well deserved sunshine break or spend more time pursuing social/leisure activities by allowing Elite business support to become the virtual representative of your business.

We offer a professional and customer friendly business support service for sole traders, freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Virtual assistance is provided in the form of telephone answering services, secretarial services, writing and editorial, social media marketing and more.

TELEPHONE ANSWERINGWhy do I need a call answering service?

80% of callers hang up if their call is not answered within 6 rings – 70% will never call back meaning that you have lost out to your competitors.

The answering service provided by our virtual receptionists is an ideal solution for managing overflow calls,  staff absence, holiday cover, out of hours or for those who simply do not wish to employ full time staff.

Why do I need a virtual assistant?

Administrative tasks are never ending; that to-do list is growing… you need to chase those late invoices…. the thought of typing up that report and organising your paperwork is filling you with dread.

Not to worry 🙂 Elite business support have got you covered. We will take care of your business which will leave you with valuable time to develop the core function of your business.

Fancy your own virtual pa starting from less than £40 per month?

We will provide you with your own private secretary to manage your diary, take messages, process invoices, set up databases and anything else that needs doing.

Aside from the above services we also assist you with social media marketing, event management,  lifestyle management, writing/editorial and recruitment.

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